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Iowa Rotocast Plastics IRP Divided Portable Beverage Tub Carrier 16in x 30in

Manufacturer  Information

Ideal for any indoor/outdoor event, this portable beverage tub can carry up to 192 12oz cans or bottles.

This tub has the following features :

  • Divider and flat lid included
  • Double walled, solid one-piece rotational molded construction
    "Bullet Proof" coolers will hold up to nightly use that other coolers can't. Cardboard and single wall coolers just can't hold up to everyday use.
  • Molded-in drain vs. component drain :
    No leaking. IRP guarantee a No-Leak Merchandiser for more than just the molded construction. The molded-in drain guarantees no leaks to prevent any dangerous situations.
  • Polly Foam Insulation for Reduced Ice Consumption :
    IRP coolers use 67% less ice than non-rotationally molded coolers.
  • Extra large capacity, great for sports bars and special events
  • Capacity: 192 12oz cans/bottles, 132 16oz cans
  • Modular design allows for twice the floor space

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